Typically and traditionally, we are supposed to cook the recipes on the day that was dear to our ancestors. SO cook what ever was the favorite recipe for the person youare cooking for. That said, we have  whole series of the most commonly used/popularly cooked recipes for shraddha /pitrupaksha on the blog that you can also use to cook. Here we have a series of 7 videos to cook an entire gujrati meal platter. Remember to cook after shower in the morning and try to place your plate before noon time out on the deck backyard or feed the crows, cows,dog and birds before 11.30 or 12 noon.

For placing the plate on the deck for the birds, here’s how the placement works.

At the bottom place the rice then spread daal and shaak on top of this place the pieces of puri, bhajia/dhokla etc and at the end pour the dudhpaak, or rus or any other dessert you ahve cooked/made. Now last but not the least place small amount of chutney /pickle and place the plate on the terrace, deck or backyard of your home. First put a few drops of water on the floor where u r about to place the plate. then mentally invite the ancestors for the feast and ask for their blessings. Next place the plate on the area and circle a few drops of water around the plate. Bow your head and imagine the ancestors are accepting the invitation and coming to enjoy the feast in the form of crows/birds/squirrels etc. and slowly leave the spot so the birds can enjoy the food. Now enjoy the meal with your family in the house. Later in the evening when the plate is empty bring it in.

Thaali(Plate) Western Indian Vegetarian Meal platter

Thaali(Plate) Western Indian Vegetarian Meal platter

Typically we have one sweet, one farsaan  and puri, and daal bhaat shaak. Add pickles, chutneys according to whatever was the person’s favorite. It needs to be customized according to your family and the person you are cooking for.

Most importantly it involves cooking Dudhpaak, Kadhi, Puri, and daal bhaat shaak and bhajia.  Feel free to add any other recipes for your ancestors.  and use andy and all recipes you wish from the blog as well. Here is the  meal platter link

Platter placement for pitrupaksha days (shraddha) days.


Just a simple basic video of some tips for following the days of shraddha /poonam and amavasya shraddha,and platter placement for the panch maha bhoot (the birds/animals etc) for our ancestors.   This video includes some small snips of a couple recipes I use for my platter but the main purpose of this video is to show the placement of the recipes for the shraddha platter. So the recipes are not in detail. Those videos will follow later in the posts.  Please follow your family customs if you have/know them. Follow this video if you are looking to learn or do not know or remember your family customs for he shraddha platter.

Hope this helps.

Shri ganesh visarjan 2015


Shri ganesh visarjan 2015

Om Gum(n) Ganapataye Namah.

Ganpati visarjan is such a huge festival in Mumbai I remember growing up we used to go find a spot to sit on the hghest available home window or terrace or a roof top to get the best view of all the town’s Ganesh idols going for immersion into the beach….Fond memories of the past. Here’s to Lord Ganesh.

After the 108 names, and at the end of this post are a few simple steps to follow for Ganesh Visarjan if you are doing it at your homes. Please remember immersions are only done for statues/idols/images of Ganesh that are brought specifically on the day of ganesh chaturthi for this event.(Usually made of clay).  The regular statues,images of Lord Ganesh that are in our homes  are NOT to be immersed.They stay.

Here are the Ashtottara Shatanamavali श्री गणेश अष्टोत्तर शतनामावलि of Lord Ganesh:

  • ॐ गजाननाय नमः।
  • ॐ गणाध्यक्षाय नमः।
  • ॐ विघ्नाराजाय नमः।
  • ॐ विनायकाय नमः।
  • ॐ द्वैमातुराय नमः।
  • ॐ द्विमुखाय नमः।
  • ॐ प्रमुखाय नमः।
  • ॐ सुमुखाय नमः।
  • ॐ कृतिनॆ नमः।
  • ॐ सुप्रदीपाय नमः।
  • ॐ सुखनिधयॆ नमः।
  • ॐ सुराध्यक्षाय नमः।
  • ॐ सुरारिघ्नाय नमः।
  • ॐ महागणपतयॆ नमः।
  • ॐ मान्याय नमः।
  • ॐ महाकालाय नमः।
  • ॐ महाबलाय नमः।
  • ॐ हॆरम्बाय नमः।
  • ॐ लम्बजठरायै नमः।
  • ॐ ह्रस्व ग्रीवाय नमः।
  • ॐ महॊदराय नमः।
  • ॐ मदॊत्कटाय नमः।
  • ॐ महावीराय नमः।
  • ॐ मन्त्रिणॆ नमः।
  • ॐ मङ्गल स्वराय नमः।
  • ॐ प्रमधाय नमः।
  • ॐ प्रथमाय नमः।
  • ॐ प्राज्ञाय नमः।
  • ॐ विघ्नकर्त्रॆ नमः।
  • ॐ विघ्नहन्त्रॆ नमः।
  • ॐ विश्व नॆत्रॆ नमः।
  • ॐ विराट्पतयॆ नमः।
  • ॐ श्रीपतयॆ नमः।
  • ॐ वाक्पतयॆ नमः।
  • ॐ शृङ्गारिणॆ नमः।
  • ॐ अश्रितवत्सलाय नमः।
  • ॐ शिवप्रियाय नमः।
  • ॐ शीघ्रकारिणॆ नमः।
  • ॐ शाश्वताय नमः।
  • ॐ बल नमः।
  • ॐ बलॊत्थिताय नमः।
  • ॐ भवात्मजाय नमः।
  • ॐ पुराण पुरुषाय नमः।
  • ॐ पूष्णॆ नमः।
  • ॐ पुष्करॊत्षिप्त वारिणॆ नमः।
  • ॐ अग्रगण्याय नमः।
  • ॐ अग्रपूज्याय नमः।
  • ॐ अग्रगामिनॆ नमः।
  • ॐ मन्त्रकृतॆ नमः।
  • ॐ चामीकरप्रभाय नमः।
  • ॐ सर्वाय नमः।
  • ॐ सर्वॊपास्याय नमः।
  • ॐ सर्व कर्त्रॆ नमः।
  • ॐ सर्वनॆत्रॆ नमः।
  • ॐ सर्वसिद्धिप्रदाय नमः।
  • ॐ सिद्धयॆ नमः।
  • ॐ पञ्चहस्ताय नमः।
  • ॐ पार्वतीनन्दनाय नमः।
  • ॐ प्रभवॆ नमः।
  • ॐ कुमारगुरवॆ नमः।
  • ॐ अक्षॊभ्याय नमः।
  • ॐ कुञ्जरासुर भञ्जनाय नमः।
  • ॐ प्रमॊदाय नमः।
  • ॐ मॊदकप्रियाय नमः।
  • ॐ कान्तिमतॆ नमः।
  • ॐ धृतिमतॆ नमः।
  • ॐ कामिनॆ नमः।
  • ॐ कपित्थपनसप्रियाय नमः।
  • ॐ ब्रह्मचारिणॆ नमः।
  • ॐ ब्रह्मरूपिणॆ नमः।
  • ॐ ब्रह्मविद्यादि दानभुवॆ नमः।
  • ॐ जिष्णवॆ नमः।
  • ॐ विष्णुप्रियाय नमः।
  • ॐ भक्त जीविताय नमः।
  • ॐ जितमन्मधाय नमः।
  • ॐ ऐश्वर्यकारणाय नमः।
  • ॐ ज्यायसॆ नमः।
  • ॐ यक्षकिन्नेर सॆविताय नमः।
  • ॐ गङ्गा सुताय नमः।
  • ॐ गणाधीशाय नमः।
  • ॐ गम्भीर निनदाय नमः।
  • ॐ वटवॆ नमः।
  • ॐ अभीष्टवरदाय नमः।
  • ॐ ज्यॊतिषॆ नमः।
  • ॐ भक्तनिधयॆ नमः।
  • ॐ भावगम्याय नमः।
  • ॐ मङ्गलप्रदाय नमः।
  • ॐ अव्यक्ताय नमः।
  • ॐ अप्राकृत पराक्रमाय नमः।
  • ॐ सत्यधर्मिणॆ नमः।
  • ॐ सखयॆ नमः।
  • ॐ सरसाम्बुनिधयॆ नमः।
  • ॐ महॆशाय नमः।
  • ॐ दिव्याङ्गाय नमः।
  • ॐ मणिकिङ्किणी मॆखालाय नमः।
  • ॐ समस्त दॆवता मूर्तयॆ नमः।
  • ॐ सहिष्णवॆ नमः।
  • ॐ सततॊत्थिताय नमः।
  • ॐ विघातकारिणॆ नमः।
  • ॐ विश्वग्दृशॆ नमः।
  • ॐ विश्वरक्षाकृतॆ नमः।
  • ॐ कल्याणगुरवॆ नमः।
  • ॐ उन्मत्तवॆषाय नमः।
  • ॐ अपराजितॆ नमः।
  • ॐ समस्त जगदाधाराय नमः।
  • ॐ सर्वैश्वर्यप्रदाय नमः।
  • ॐ आक्रान्त चिद चित्प्रभवॆ नमः।
  • ॐ श्री विघ्नॆश्वराय नमः।

हरिः ॐ गं गणपतये नमः. इति श्री गणेशाय अष्टोत्तर नमः हरि ॐ शतनामावलि समाप्तः

Hari om Gum Ganapataye namah. Iti shri ganeshay ashttottara namah. Hari On shatanamavali .

Steps to follow For Ganesh visarjan:  श्री गणेश विसर्जन

In case you cannot follow these steps due to lack of availability of items or time, that’s ok.  Just close your eyes and have an intention and do manas pooja (Mentally) offer these to lord Ganesh and

recite the prayers,chalisa,shlokas,108 names and conclude with aarti.

  • Aavahan
  • Shtaapan
  • Aasan
  • Arghya
  • Aachman
  • snanam(with panchamrut)
  • Vastra
  • yagnipavita
  • gandha
  • akshata
  • pushpamala
  • dhoop
  • deep
  • naivyedhyam
  • Taambul
  • Aarti
  • and Visarjan- Bring the idols/statues/images for immersion

In Marathi:  Ganpati Bappa Moriyaa..Pudchyaa varshi lavkar yaa..

English Meaning: Hail to lord Ganesh. Please come back soon next year.



No Chandra darshan on Ganesh chaturthi


No Chandra darshan(looking at the moon)on Ganesh Chaturthi

No Chandra darshan on Ganesh chaturthi

According to our ancient scritpures( Purana) we should not be looking at the moonon the day or Ganesh chaturthi. The ancient story goes that the moon was laughting at Lord ganesh due to his vehicle the Mouse. So Lord Ganesh cursed the moon by saying that no one will look at the moon on Ganeshchaturthi. Anyone who looks at the moon on the day of ganesh chaturthi will be blamed for something they did not do. The story further goes to say that even Lord Krishna had to bear this curse as he too was accused of stealing the jewel “syamantak Mani(pearl)”  because of looking at the moon on the day of ganesh chaturthi.

Say if you happen to see the moon by mistake on that day, what do we do now? In hindu philosophy and culture one thing I have always noticed is that they always give you solutions to all your problems. There are a few ways to rid yourself of the so called curse. You can :

1. see the moon on 3rd and 5th day as well which is the day before and he day after the day of ganesh chaturthi.
2. Read or listen to the episode that describes the theft of syamantak mani as narrated in  chapters 56 and 57 of tenth skanda of srimad Bhagwad.
3. recite the  following mantra that  with a glass of water in your hand and then drink that water.

सिन्ह प्रसेनमवधीत्  सिन्हो जाम्बवता हतः |
सुकुमारक मा रोदीस्तव ह्येष स्यमन्तकः ||
Sinha prasenamavadheet sinho jaambavataa Hatah:|
Sukumarak maa rodistava hyesha syamantaka: ||

Meaning: O handsome prince, it is for this pearl that Sinha killed prasena and Jaambvan killed the sinha, so please do not be upset(cry) Now you and only you have the right to this pearl.

So here’s hoping you don’t see the moon on the day of ganesh chaturthi, but in case you happen to by mistake, please use these tips to counter balance the ill effects of the sight.

shri ganesh

Happy Ganesh Chaaturthi.

Disclaimer: Source for all the shlokas/prayers on my blog are Various different scriptures,books,that I have read over my entire lifetime,received from my  grand parents, parents and from ancient hindu/sanskrit books and other material thru my own research for knowledge scriptures. Many are unknown just like the entire Sanskrit and Hindu culture and religion. These shlokas are from ancient Hindu culture/knowledge and wisdom. Many of them are used by various religious organizations as their own. However all the shlokas and the knowledge itself is from thousands of years before and is not owned by any one organization/ institution/culture.

Ganesh Chaturthi this year Sept 16th, 2015


hri Ganesh Puja {All in One Video/Audio} By Pratibha Jani

Shri  Ganesh Puja {All in One Video/Audio} By Pratibha Jani

Shri ganesh puja n aarti

Many of my members have been asking me for a full puja audio/video for prayers. So, to my beloved members and those interested in

Shri  Ganesh Puja {All in One Video/Audio}

  • Shri Ganesh Sankalp,Ganesh Aagaman,
  • Ashtottaranaam,Chalisa stuti
    Aarti N Karpoor Puja

I am sharing this for Shri Ganesh (No meanings or translations) The entire audio/video is

The individual prayers are also still available and posted on the blog  site and the youtube channel..

Krishna Janmashtami 2015


This year Krishna Janmashtami falls on sept,05, 2015. Lord Krishna’s birthday is at midnight.

Baal Krishna( Gopal Krishna)

The birth of Lord Krishna started with a lot of miracles around and too many hardships. Although the beauty of the child’s birth is miraculous, amazing and captivating stories the lessons are taught at each step of his life. starting from birth. Krishna’s childhood is what we typically celebrate on this day as it signifies that the almighty decided to take a human form to tackle the overgrowing evil- Evilness in the earth. One of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu takes birth in human form and the domination of good over evil is once again proclaimed.   Pray as many chants songs and happy childhood poems you remember as you can on this day and be happy. The most childhood innocent prank stories of lord krishna as a child are how he and his buddies broke into village homes of neighbouring cowherds- and stole the fresh made butter and butter milk and distributed among the friends while the women folks were away at the river banks doing their daily chores like filling up water and doing laundry etc. Each story has a morale which signifies to share the good with all and not just to keep it to yourself. To see good in even the worst of things and situations, to make sure that your own homes, families, communites are fully satisfied and fully fed healthy meals before selling or giving it out for profits.  HOW VERY true even in today’s world. Most of all, that our ego is always kept in check in some way or another and humility  rules.  So much learning and wisdom in such small 2 and 3 minutes folk songs

Some of these are incorporporated in these two short small folk songs. I remember two small poems from my childhood that my grandma used to sit and sing on the swing at sunset times. Both are in gujrati. Simple small family bhajan folk songs from my family to yours.   I am posting it here enjoy if you wish and teach it to your young children or grand children if you like.  Poems themselves are less than 2 minutes each.

Here is for the kid in all of us and the kids we have……

  • Daakor no thaakor (lord krishna)
  • Alyaa Kanha (Krishna as a child) taney ek vaata kahu..    My children and myself used to sing it on the deck swing when thery were much younger as well.   Hope you pass it on to your younger ones.

On a more grown up note here are Shri Krishnashtakum and  shri purushasuktum  and Bhagwad gita chapters 3, 12 and 15 are here   Enjoy, Like, Share, Teach and  pass it on to the next generation.

Baal Krishna( Gopal Krishna)

Baal Krishna( Gopal Krishna)

Happy Rakshaa Bandhan 2015


Happy Raksha Bandhan 2015

This post is to all brothers, sisters and Bhabhis. To the ancient wise men and women who created traditions of love, compassion, trust, protection to keep families together. The strong bond of love between a brother and sister is such a  beautiful tradition of the Indian culture. Happy Raksha Bandhan everyone.  This year it is saturday sept 29th, 2015 .

Happy raksha bandhan

Happy raksha bandhan

Once a year on the full moon day in the month of shraavan, it is customary to tie a small thread of a symbollic thread of protection – a bond by sister to brother. It is also customary to change the ceremonial jaanav or janoi thread on this day.

Being in the modern times and in usa, most times and festivities don’t exactly happen at the most auspicious times as it does not always fall on a week end and  as  we all know life these days revolves around week ends only. Yet we try our best to perform them to the closest times possible.

The main thing is to  remember here and to pass on to the next generation is  the true meaning behind the “Raksha bandhan” and to always be there for each other as a brother and sister. It is also important to remember that  when Bhabhi (brother’s wife) comes into the family, many families like mine also tie raksha to bhabhi along with the brothers as a symbol of expecting and exchanging protection love and caring from bhabhi as well as from bhai.  Thereby meaning bhabhi is equally as important as bhai.

When a sister is far away like india/USA/UK, we send the ceremonial symbolic raakhi  threads by mail and now even online. Thanks to the modern technology  we can now send sweets with our raakhis as well.

As I  was growing up, I saw my mother’s and my father’s side of the family,  we tie Raakhi (or raksha- meaning protection from all evil) to brothers and brother’s wives as well. Yet some families tie rakhis to brothers and sisters(each other as a symbol of protecting each other).

Follow whatever  customs / traditions your family/moms created for you but remember to pass it on to the next generation and make sure to explain to them the bond the symbolism and the true meaning behind it all. Not the token exchanged by money but the true meaning of all these traditions and cultural happenings. Enjoy everyone.  Have a wonderful weekend.

So, obviously we all love sweets so much and since it is a day to share with sweets, here is my family favorite carrot Halva I am sharing. Enjoy with your family and friends.

Gaajar Halva

Shraavan Maas Shraavan Somvaar Day 1


Originally posted on sanskritchantsnprayers:

I knew it was shraavan meditation time . When I was sitting out on the deck swing this morning and the rain drops started falling on me with the sky full of dark clouds, my heart just wanted to meditate and not get up. (Quiet meditation). Yes it is the first day of  The month of Shraavan has always been one of my favorites as it starts all the religious festivities of the season.

In Gujrati we call it : Shraavan naa saravdaa – શ્રાવણ નાં સરવડા  means shraavan brings light showers.

In Marathi we  have a really short and sweet poem from my childhood school days  that is embedded in my mind since and always reminded by my brother it goes like this: “Shraavan maase harsha maanasi hiravad daate chohi kade, kshanaat padti sar sar dhaaraa kshanaata firuni uuna padey.”  श्रावण मासी हर्ष मानसी हिरावाड दाते चोही कडे क्षणात…

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Shri Shiv Mahimna Stotrum श्री शिव महिम्न स्तोत्रम्



Have a wonderful month of shravan everyone. Tryr to meditate as much as possible. Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu.

Originally posted on sanskritchantsnprayers:

Shri Shiv Mahimna Stotrum श्री शिव महिम्न स्तोत्रम् By Pratibha Jani
for the Auspicious month of Shraavan especially Mondays.

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